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University life

University life is characterized by many opportunities that enable students to develop themselves in various fields. It provides a stimulating and cha...


We are pleased to offer the Masters program at Afaqk, which is distinguished by providing the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve your acade...


We are pleased at Afaqk to offer the application for the Bachelor's degree, which includes the latest academic materials and available educational tec...


Afaqk is pleased to offer its outstanding services in foreign language education, which includes a team of experienced and competent teachers in langu...

University study

Studying at an American university with low tuition fees Studying at a university is one of the m...

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Getting Loan

Obtaining an interest-free educational loan with favorable conditions. Afaqk Company offers a servic...

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University Housing

Living on campus (in Town House villas) at a nominal cost If you're a new college student, you ma...

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Medical Insurance

Medical insurance on your life during your university studies is an important service that students...

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Free Admission

Free acceptance The free acceptance service allows students to submit admission applications to...

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Applying For The Travel visa

To apply for a visa and obtain discounted travel tickets, Afaqk company is considered one of the lea...

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Advantages of AfaqK Company

  • Providing academic admission to American universities with very low tuition fees
  • Free admission
  • Applying for a student visa
  • Get discount airline tickets
  • medical insurance
  • University admissions: a well-established university recognized by the Ministry of Education in the field of information security, business administration and commerce, in addition to 18 other majors
  • Very competitive price for studying
  • Providing private housing within the university campus

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