About Us



Afaq Saudi is a leading global educational consulting company in higher education and scholarships, providing students and higher education institutions with expertise, tools and processes aimed at developing the quality of the relationship between educational institutions and students, Guided by theories and best practices for software development and quality assurance, AFAC is committed to guiding you every step of the way in providing continuous improvements and meeting customer requirements and the needs of your educational institution

Our vision:

Creating and delivering a comprehensive, innovative and engaging world-class educational experience for students in Saudi Arabia and around the world. Our mission.

  • To provide all our students with a high-quality, cost-effective education
  • Integrated services from application submission to graduation
  • Harnessing all our capabilities and our strong relationship with American universities to obtain the best offers and prices through negotiation with them
  • medical insurance
  • Integrated services to serve students to achieve their dreams
  • Free admission
  • Apply for a visa and get discount tickets
  • Campus housing, townhouse villas
  • Let's go to the American University

Advantages of admissions through us

We aim to reach 1000 students in the first stage, by providing interest-free educational loans and large discounts on tuition fees, housing and tickets, and carrying out large advertising campaigns to spread the company’s services to those wishing to study abroad to enable the largest number of students according to the capacity of each external university contracting with us

Studying abroad is one of the important ways to develop and advance education. Because of the benefits it adds to students and the country by enrolling them in international universities that possess experience and quality in higher education and are recommended by the Ministry of Education, and because of the transfer of expertise, knowledge and technologies, and the government has sought to support study in prestigious universities to benefit from its outputs in the comprehensive development witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia By training the youth of the country. And the pillars of its civilization are among the best and most experienced international universities in all disciplines needed by current and future development, so there is a great demand from students’ desires to complete their education abroad or parents’ desire to complete their children’s studies abroad to obtain distinction and join prestigious positions for the advancement of the Kingdom to achieve Vision 2030 for all different sectors. Here at the Scholarship Horizons Company, we announce the launch of the first initiative of its kind in supporting the process of higher education and scholarships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by granting scholarships. Educational loans amounting to half a million riyals without interest and a repayment period of up to 60 months, in addition to great discounts on tuition fees from a prestigious American university recommended for scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education to study a bachelor’s degree in a city characterized by quality of life and high security, in addition to housing, medical insurance and tickets travel

Our company is characterized by providing international university admissions services with high quality and competitive prices, through a qualified and specialized team in this field. We are working to provide the necessary support for all our students, starting with guiding them to choose the university and major that is right for them, to providing the necessary support to complete the admission procedures and obtaining the necessary visas. We take pride in providing our services with high professionalism and a high level of quality, by providing the necessary guidance and technical advice to students and parents, and providing services in a transparent and professional manner, with a focus on achieving students' goals and striving to meet their needs in the best possible way.

We believe in the importance of providing comprehensive and distinguished medical insurance services to our university students. We understand that providing quality healthcare is vital to students' academic and personal success. Our medical insurance includes comprehensive coverage for health conditions, including necessary medical treatment, laboratory and diagnostic radiology, preventive medical treatment, mental health care and emergency medical treatment. Online and telephone medical advice is available to our students, which helps them obtain the necessary information and advice on healthcare. We are working to provide diverse and flexible insurance solutions that suit the different needs of students, at competitive prices and on easy terms and conditions, with a focus on providing high-quality health care and a high level of distinguished service.

We believe in the importance of education and strive to enable students to obtain appropriate higher education opportunities. With this in mind, we are proud to announce a free admission program for university applications. Our program includes free admissions for applications to a wide range of American universities. Our services include CV design, personal letter writing, admission procedures guidelines, acceptance status follow-up, and other distinguished services that help students achieve their academic dreams easily and smoothly.

We understand that finding a suitable place to stay during the study period is one of the most important challenges that students face. For this reason, we are proud to offer the campus accommodation service Townhouse Villas. We are working to provide the best residential experience for students with a wide range of wonderful and comfortable villas that are characterized by security, privacy and comfort. Our services include furnishing villas with the latest equipment and furniture, providing high-speed internet, immediate maintenance services and other distinguished services that make the stay experience comfortable and enjoyable. We understand that campus accommodation is an essential part of a student's academic experience, and as such, we make sure to provide our services at reasonable and competitive rates. We are always striving to meet the needs of students and provide the necessary support for their academic and personal success. We invite students who wish to have a wonderful and distinguished housing experience during their study period to contact us to inquire about our services and book accommodation in luxury townhouse villas on campus.